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Our Free Lighting Design Service


Lighting can dramatically change the appearance and atmosphere of any home, office or retail space. Yet often the pressing physical design of a space takes the forefront with planning for the correct lighting being left until the end of a project

We’re here to help you with this key design feature in your home, office or retail space. The correct choice of lighting solution for each room will create the right kind of ambience, adding both style and value to your home.

Lighting and lighting bulb choice creates different effects in different rooms. It will enhance the colour of your décor, provide warmth and atmosphere and can be used to separate and easily identify different zones within your home.

We will give you technical and creative advice from the very start of your project and work with you until completion. In this way you benefit from our wealth of knowledge throughout the duration of your project.

Services we offer you

  • an on-site meeting to discuss your plug, switches and lighting requirements
  • a report showing lighting levels required in each space as well as a proposal of how to achieve this
  • mood boards for each room/project
  • cost calculations
  • assisting your electrician in the implementation of the design

If you would like to find out more about this, please give us your details so that we can get in touch with you.